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Established in 1988, the Vancouver Apostolic Lutheran Church is a Christian congregation committed to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the teaching of His twelve Apostles, and the Lutheran tradition. As such, this congregation is founded upon God’s Word as contained in the Holy Scriptures, and summarily retained in the ancient creeds of the Universal Church (Apostle’s CreedAthanasian CreedNicene Creed & the Augsburg Confession.)

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The Church Universal stands as a witness to the love of God that has been poured out on us through His Son. Vancouver Apostolic Lutheran Church sees itself as a member of that great body of the Church on earth, and desires to function as a community where the Lord Jesus Christ may encounter individuals by His Word and Spirit, saving them from sin and death, and engage them for active service in His kingdom.

Services of the Church include: Sunday Morning Worship, Sunday school, Evening Bible Study, Youth group, and Men’s & Women’s Fellowship.

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